Member entities


An INAF affiliated entity refers to a research structure that aligns its scientific programming with that of the Institute. These entities bring together researchers, professionals, and graduate students and operate under their own scientific governance and strategic plan, in line with the Institute’s vision and mission. INAF is composed of four affiliated entities, consisting of three research centers and an Observatory.


STELA Dairy Research Centre

STELA Dairy Research Center’s primary objective is to explore and unlock the full potential of milk and its various derivatives as high-quality food with diverse applications. The research conducted at STELA aims to enhance the value of milk’s matrix and its constituents, leading to the development of functional bio-ingredients and top-quality dairy products that promote the overall health of the population.

Established in 1985 at Université Laval, STELA holds the top position among milk research centers in Canada. It boasts a team of 18 professor-researchers, over 15 research professionals and postdoctoral fellows, and a vibrant community of around a hundred master’s and doctoral students.

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The Centre NUTRISS’s mission is one of research, of training and of mobilization and transfer of knowledge. The Centre’s researchers, by their work, aspire to be a driver of change through their actions based on the needs of individuals, of the environment and of decision makers.

NUTRISS federates and mobilizes the forces of more than 52 senior scientists, of which many are international leaders in their area of expertise. These researchers come from 12 different faculties of Université Laval, which reflects the transdisciplinary nature of the work they conduct in research.

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Food Quality Observatory

Founded in 2016, the Food Quality Observatory’s mission is to monitor the evolution of the food supply and contribute to the collective effort aimed at enhancing its quality and accessibility.

This initiative emerged from the expressed need of various partners, including governmental, academic, and private stakeholders, to generate objective data on the quality of the food supply in Quebec and Canada.

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Centre d’expertise Poids, Image et Alimentation

CEPIA provides the community with a comprehensive range of high-quality services, while also training top professionals and advancing research in the fields of weight, body image, and nutrition.

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« Joining forces to drive innovation in sustainable food ».

This large-scale initiative will be developed with the aim of facilitating the transition to sustainable and resilient food systems through a cross-sectoral and systemic approach to issues in this field in Quebec. All levels of the food chain will be addressed, from food production to consumption, through cross-sectoral activities carried out in collaboration with local partners.

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Over the course of its evolution, INAF has fostered the development and expansion of various research entities and structures.