Equity, diversity and inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion

At the heart of our approach to responsible research and an inclusive future.

For responsible and inclusive research

With the aim of fostering healthy living and working environments conducive to sharing, while respecting the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), INAF is committed to taking concrete measures in line with the needs of its members.


INAF is actively working to strengthen the integration of EDI principles by implementing an action plan in line with Université Laval’s institutional policy. This plan includes several actions already initiated by INAF, demonstrating our willingness to invest the necessary efforts to ensure greater equity, diversity and inclusion within our organization.

With this in mind, INAF has created the Committee on Responsible Conduct in Research and EDI. This committee contributed to the development of the action plan and continues to work actively on its implementation and evolution.

Go HERE to the video of Bryn Williams-Jones, Chairman of INAF’s Committee on Responsible Conduct in Research and EDI.


Thanks to its collaborative environment, INAF’s research teams develop international partnerships and welcome international students from visible and ethnic minorities every year. A welcoming process to facilitate the integration and well-being of new INAF members is already well in place.

INAF is distinguished by its well-balanced membership, both in terms of gender and career stage. The group includes both early-career and senior researchers, guaranteeing a dynamic and enriching diversity.

Last but not least, the research themes cover the basic, health and social sciences, reflecting the broad spectrum of research carried out at INAF.

These initiatives help to enhance the diversity and inclusion of members within the wider INAF community, including the entities, but also the nature of the research work carried out by our members.


INAF and Center NUTRISS have undertaken a thorough review of their evaluation criteria for funding opportunities for research and student members, with the aim of ensuring greater equity in the allocation of funds.

Through these steps, INAF aims to offer all its members healthy living and working environments that will enable each individual to showcase his or her talent and have an equal opportunity to excel in research.

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