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INAF fosters a wide range of research projects and teams spanning various disciplines, including chemistry, microbiology, food processes, public health, nutrition, psychology, and more.

We encourage student members to leverage the expertise of two research teams through co-supervision, where you can have two thesis supervisors. Take your research project’s multidisciplinary aspect to new heights!

Moreover, seize the opportunity for cotutelle arrangements with our partner institutions to expand your network.

Pursuing graduate studies

Are you passionate about research? Are you eager to advance your knowledge at the graduate level? Take your career to new heights by acquiring diverse and complementary skills through our master’s or doctoral programs.

At INAF, we take pride in the expertise and international reputation of our members, the cutting-edge research laboratories and facilities we offer, and the multidisciplinary nature of our research projects. Join us in this vibrant and dynamic environment to pursue your academic and professional aspirations.

Finding your supervisor

Prospective graduate students at INAF are required to find a research supervisor affiliated with our Institute before applying for admission to a master’s or doctoral program at a university. Our Institute’s researchers also serve as professors affiliated with various graduate institutions.

How to proceed?

It is your responsibility to initiate contact with professors in your field of interest. It is essential to identify your preferred topics and gather information about the research interests of the professors and the ongoing recruitment of research projects.

Université Laval offers a comprehensive page called ‘Find a research topic and supervisor‘ on its research organization’s website, outlining the steps to follow when reaching out to professors. These guidelines can also be applied to other Quebec universities.

Additionally, there may be posted research project offers (see the “Research Project Offers” tab). If so, you should carefully follow the instructions in the offer to submit your application.

Choosing an INAF researcher to supervise your studies

Explore our members directory, where you can easily filter the results based on their research themes and affiliated institutions.

The affiliation of each researcher with a specific department and faculty of a university determines the graduate programs available to the student members of their research team. For instance, Professor Mohammed Aider is affiliated with the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (FSAA) at Université Laval. To find the graduate programs offered by this faculty, visit the Graduate Programs page on the FSAA’s website.

INAF academic disciplines

Besides students in nutrition and food sciences programs, our research also appeals to graduates from other programs affiliated with faculties of agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, and science and engineering at our Quebec partner universities.

Explore the “Find your Research Supervisor” tab or directly browse our members’ directory to discover researchers working in your field of interest.

Research project offers

While research opportunities at INAF usually involve spontaneous applications, there are instances where specific research projects requiring student recruitment are posted on university websites. This can serve as an excellent starting point in your search for a research supervisor. Below, you’ll find directories for each of our partner universities. In case this resource is not available, we have provided an alternative useful page.

You may have the option to filter the results by faculty and degree. Once you have identified a suitable project, follow the application instructions provided in the posting.

Partner institutions

Université Laval

HEC Montréal

INRS – Institut national de la recherche scientifique

McGill University (List of research centers affiliated with this university)

Université de Montréal (Steps to find your thesis supervisor)

Université de Sherbrooke

UQAR – Université du Québec à Rimouski

UQTR – Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Researchers Directory)


Inter-laboratory and international internships

Studying at INAF means becoming a part of a collaborative research network that extends beyond borders. Through these international collaborations, the Institute has established itself as a global leader in various key domains, including food safety, natural antimicrobials, eco-design of food processes, the impact of nutrition on brain health, and the microbiota and metabolic health.

Our extensive partnerships with research centers and universities facilitate mobility within the INAF network and internationally, offering enriching inter-laboratory exchanges for students.

Internships at INAF

INAF offers a welcoming and collegial environment, ideal for getting started in research and developing complementary skills during your studies.

You are responsible for taking the necessary steps to find an INAF researcher who will agree to host you as an intern and supervise your work during your stay.

Although our members are affiliated with different partner institutions, we suggest you explore the ‘Research and training internships‘ page on Université Laval’s website, which offers comprehensive information. Once you have identified a specific INAF researcher, don’t hesitate to visit the website of their affiliated institution to gather specific details for your internship.

Choosing an INAF researcher to supervise your internship

Explore our members directory, where you can easily filter the results based on their research themes and affiliated institutions.