Entities, structures and chairs

Entities, structures and chairs

Over the course of its evolution, INAF has fostered the development and expansion of various research entities and structures, including centers, international networks, chairs, and joint units. These integral components of the Institute play a crucial role in generating research data that is valuable both in Quebec and on an international scale.


An INAF affiliated entity refers to a research structure that aligns its scientific programming with that of the Institute. These entities bring together researchers, professionals, and graduate students and operate under their own scientific governance and strategic plan, in line with the Institute’s vision and mission. INAF is composed of four affiliated entities, consisting of three research centers and an Observatory.

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The three INAF interest groups aim to enhance the research capacity and economic outcomes associated with crucial agri-food supply chains in Quebec. These supply chains include milk and dairy products, plant products and extracts, as well as marine products and co-products, all of which offer significant potential for innovation in ingredients and foods. Through close collaboration with government departments, producer organizations, and various companies in these sectors, INAF defines research priorities to address specific issues and promote competitiveness.

Additionally, INAF is proudly involved in the GastronomiQc Lab, a joint interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research unit focused on Quebec gastronomy.

Milk and Dairy Products (STELA)

STELA is part of INAF as an affiliated entity, but also as the Dairy Interest Group.

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Plant Products and Extracts

The Plant Product Interest Group focuses on collaborative research efforts concerning compounds extracted from fruits and vegetables, cereals, medicinal plants, as well as wood and non-wood forest products.

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Marine Products and Co-Products

The Marine Product Interest Group combines INAF’s expertise in preclinical and clinical research with research groups in eastern Quebec that focus on the important valuation of marine bioresources.

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GastronomiQc Lab

This joint unit conducts research, development, training, and knowledge transfer activities in food, culinary, behavioral, and economic sciences to promote the advancement of Quebec gastronomy.

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INAF has developed numerous academic and industrial collaborations on the international stage, propelling its research and establishing its position as a world leader in sustainable food supply. By remaining open to the world, INAF expands its expertise network to address key contemporary issues, particularly in strategic areas such as the eco-efficiency of food processes, natural antimicrobials, food matrices, the valorization of food co-products, the study of intestinal microbiota, research related to brain health, and food regulatory aspects.


International Associated Laboratory in Bioproduction of Natural Antimicrobials

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LIA OptiNutriBrain

OptiNutriBrain International Associated Laboratory: A reference on nutrition and brain health

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RRI Food4brainhealth

This international research network (IRN) aims at providing sound scientific data to define the basis for optimized nutrition for brain health.

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UMI MicroMeNu

International Joint Research Unit on Chemical and Biomolecular Microbiome and its Impact on Metabolic Health and Nutrition

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Food Risk Analysis and Regulatory Excellence Platform

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Canada Research Chairs

Canada Excellence Research Chair in the Microbiome-Endocannabinoidome Axis in Metabolic Health

Holder : Vincenzo Di Marzo
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Canada Research Chair in Medical Genomics

Holder : Jacques Corbeil
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Canada Research Chair in Genomics Applied to Nutrition and Metabolic Health

Holder : Marie-Claude Vohl
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Canada Research Chair in Animal Reproductive Applied Functional Genomics

Holder : Marc-André Sirard
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Canada Research Chair in Bacteriophages

Holder : Sylvain Moineau
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Canada Research Chair in Medical Humanities and History of Biological Thought

Holder : Pierre-Olivier Méthot
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Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Nanotechnology for Food and Agriculture

Holder : Saji George
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MAPAQ Research Chairs

Research Chair in Food Safety

Holder : Monique Lacroix
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Educational Leadership Chair in Cheese Technology

Holder : Julien Chamberland
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Research Chair in Foodborne Virus Control Capacity Building (VIROCONTROL)

Holder : Julie Jean
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Research Chair in Meat Quality and Safety (MuscULo)

Holder : Linda Saucier
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Partnered Research Chairs

Research Chair in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

Holder : André Tchernof
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Chair on the integrated valorization of coproducts by efficient food technologies in the context of circular economy (Chair VITALE)

Holder : Laurent Bazinet
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Research Chair in Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Complications

Holder : André Marette
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Legal Research Chair in Food Diversity and Security

Holder : Geneviève Parent
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Chair of nutrition

Holder : Julie Robitaille
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Industrial Research Chairs


NSERC Industrial Research Chair in metabolic activity and the functionality of bioprotective lactic cultures (METABIOLAC)

Holder : Ismaïl Fliss
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Industrial Research Chair on Maple Syrup Production (CRITA)

Holder : Jean-Michel Lavoie
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Philanthropy Chairs

Louise and André Charron Research Chair in Alzheimer’s Disease

Holder : Charles Ramassamy
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