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Call for joint pilot projects between INAF and the Faculty of Pharmacy 2023-2024

This call for joint pilot projects between INAF and the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université Laval aims to initiate new research collaborations on themes interest between the two entities.


– Initiate and stimulate new research collaborations between INAF researchers and professors from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université Laval.

– To develop a strategic project related to the health effects of foods or natural health products (NHPs) and/or food/drug or NHP/drug interactions in order to generate innovative preliminary data that will serve as leverage for the preparation of a grant application to various funding agencies.

Eligibility criteria

– The project must be co-directed by a regular INAF researcher and a professor from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université Laval;

– The project must allow for the recruitment of a new graduate student, ideally in co-direction with the co-principal investigators;

– Early career researchers will be encouraged;

– Projects that are cross-sectoral in nature will also be encouraged;

– Only one project as a principal investigator may be submitted.

Please note that in the case of a project involving international collaborations, the transfer of funds to institutions outside Quebec is not permitted.

Submission of applications

Written applications must include the following information:

– The title of the project, the researchers involved and their institution of affiliation, as well as the complementarity of the team members;

– A description of the project and its cross-sectoral nature, if applicable (context, objective(s), methodology and implementation plan; maximum two pages);

– A short summary of the project (this summary may be published on the INAF website) (maximum of six to ten lines);

– Expected impact of the project and planned follow-up (maximum of half a page);

– A detailed budget and justification of the funds requested according to the objectives pursued (maximum of one page).

Applications must be submitted in the following formats

– Letter size page, portrait orientation;

– Minimum margins of 2 cm;

– Times New Roman font (12 points);

– Single-spaced.

The deadline for submitting the application in PDF format (with all sections merged) is February 27, 2023 at

Evaluation of applications

Evaluation procedure

Eligible applications will be forwarded to an evaluation committee composed of INAF research members and faculty members of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université Laval who have not submitted a project in this competition. Only one pilot project will be funded under this call.

Evaluation Criteria

The four evaluation criteria listed below will be evaluated:

– The quality and plan for carrying out the project (objective(s), methodology, timeline, budget) (30 pts);

– The quality of the team (complementarity of research expertise) and pooling of resources (25 pts);

– Potential benefits for INAF and the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université Laval and expected outcomes of the project (e.g., publications, submission of a project to a funding agency) (25 pts);

– Relevance to INAF’s scientific program and the strategic planning of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université Laval and the innovative aspect of the project (20 pts);

It should be noted that the integration of an early career researcher in the project, a professor from the Faculty of Pharmacy who is not already a member of INAF, as well as aspects related to the intersectorality of the team are not mandatory but projects including these aspects will be favoured.

Announcement of results

The award of the funded project will be announced in March 2023.

Nature of financial support

  • – The maximum support for this project is $25,000.
  • – Eligible expenses include: laboratory supplies, analytical costs, salaries and scholarships (students, research professionals, trainees (summer, undergraduate, postdoctoral) and travel expenses. For full details, please refer to pages 41 to 48 of the FRQ Common General Rules.
  • – The financial assistance granted is not renewable and all the funding granted must be spent by March 31, 2024.

Use of platforms, equipment and analytical services


  • Support the use of platforms, equipments and analytical services of partner institutions;
  • Encourage members who do not have access to certain equipment or services at their institution to use the platforms, equipments and analytical services of another institution in the cluster.

This support will only be considered in the case of projects that have a structuring potential for INAF. Requests related to individual projects or projects that have already received funding for the requested support are therefore not eligible for this support program. However, support for a new phase not initially planned for an already funded project may be eligible.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The project must be led by a regular research member and include at least one other INAF member;
  • The project must allow a member of an institution that does not have the necessary equipment to carry out its project to use equipment from another institution in the cluster;
  • The proposed project must contribute to the enrichment of INAF’s research program;
  • An INAF member may submit only one project as principal investigator.

Submission of applications

Applications must include all of the following information:

  • The title of the project, the team members involved, their institution of affiliation and their complementarity; * A brief description of the project (context, objective, methodology and implementation plan (max. one page);
  • A brief description of the equipment that will be used in this project (max. half a page);
  • The expected benefits of the project (max. half a page);
  • A detailed description of the support requested according to the objectives pursued, including a budget justification (max. half a page).

 Nature of the support 

  • The maximum financial support granted per research member is $5,000. Support will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis according to the budget available for this program, which is $30,000 for the year 2022-2023.
  • Each request for support that meets the eligibility criteria will be evaluated by the INAF management team.
  • The request can be sent at any time to

Joint project 2023-2024 CMDO-INAF

This joint program between the CMDO and INAF aims to promote new research collaborations between CMDO and INAF research members. Proposed projects must be aligned with the mission of the partners, address their respective research themes, and foster cross-sectoral and cross-organizational collaborations.

A project of excellent scientific quality demonstrating a structuring effect on research within the partner entities will be funded at a rate of $25,000 for one year via a financial contribution of $12,500 from CMDO and $12,500 from INAF.

The deadline for the submission of applications is February 22, 2023, with funding beginning no later than April 1st, 2023.

More information HERE