Financial support


To propel your research further


Utilisation des plateformes, des équipements et des services analytiques au sein du regroupement


  • Support the use of platforms, equipments and analytical services of partner institutions;
  • Encourage members who do not have access to certain equipment or services at their institution to use the platforms, equipments and analytical services of another institution in the cluster.

This support will only be considered in the case of projects that have a structuring potential for INAF. Requests related to individual projects or projects that have already received funding for the requested support are therefore not eligible for this support program. However, support for a new phase not initially planned for an already funded project may be eligible.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The project must be led by a regular research member and include at least one other INAF member;
  • The project must allow a member of an institution that does not have the necessary equipment to carry out its project to use equipment from another institution in the cluster;
  • The proposed project must contribute to the enrichment of INAF’s research program;
  • An INAF member may submit only one project as principal investigator.

Submission of applications

Applications must include all of the following information:

  • The title of the project, the team members involved, their institution of affiliation and their complementarity; * A brief description of the project (context, objective, methodology and implementation plan (max. one page);
  • A brief description of the equipment that will be used in this project (max. half a page);
  • The expected benefits of the project (max. half a page);
  • A detailed description of the support requested according to the objectives pursued, including a budget justification (max. half a page).

 Nature of the support 

  • The maximum financial support granted per research member is $5,000. Support will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis according to the budget available for this program, which is $30,000 for the year 2023-2024.
  • Each request for support that meets the eligibility criteria will be evaluated by the INAF management team.
  • The request can be sent at any time to