Business services


Whether it concerns research partnerships, laboratory services, clinical studies, or expert guidance for developing health claims, the extensive INAF network gives you access to comprehensive and diverse cutting-edge expertise.

Innovative support

We provide support to bio-food companies throughout their innovation journey, catering to both startups and multinational enterprises.

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Laboratories and facilities

INAF offers you an array of laboratory services as well as access to its cutting-edge facility.

Analytical Services

In Vitro Digestion

Platform for Metabolomics

Culinary Complex

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Clinical Studies

Showcasing the health benefits of products or ingredients through clinical trials is a significant competitive advantage for companies. INAF is a partner of choice for maximizing the value of your innovative functional ingredients and demonstrating their effectiveness in humans.

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The Partners’ Gateway provides a business space allowing you to develop and implement your research strategies collaboratively with INAF researchers and its extensive network.

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