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in our research

INAF offers you the opportunity to participate in research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in healthy eating while enriching your understanding of the subject.

Experience culinary

Are you passionate about food and eager to collaborate on co-creation projects? Our culinary co-creation workshops provide a platform to actively participate in the development of new food products alongside industry players and chefs in the bio-food sector. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to Quebec’s food industry.

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Contribute to
NutriQuébec project

The biggest nutrition and health project on Quebec’s population ever! 

Composed of several INAF members, the NutriQuébec team, in partnership with the Government of Quebec, is currently carrying out a major online project on nutrition and health. NutriQuébec evaluates the eating habits, lifestyles, and health of participants. The ultimate goal of this project is to help improve the health of Quebecers.

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Participate in our
nutrition's clinical studies

INAF has the largest nutrition clinical study unit in Canada. It welcomes an average of 400 participants each month. Some of the work carried out here has become world references and has contributed to the development of policies and recommendations by the Canadian government and even the World Health Organization.

Do you also want to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in nutrition? Our clinical studies are supervised by experienced research staff who ensure the smooth running of the studies and the well-being of the participants.

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