Wang Yixiang

Membre chercheur régulier

Professeur adjoint
Université McGill

Thèmes de recherche

Thème 1 - Qualité des aliments

Mots clés

active packaging

intelligent packaging

food safety

food spoilage


natural polymers


  • Université McGill

Professeur adjoint
Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Édifice Macdonald-Stewart
21111 Lakeshore, Ste Anne de Bellevue
Quebec, Canada H9X 3V9 Canada


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Dr. Yixiang Wang conducts research related to the fabrication of nanoparticles / microparticles, nanoparticles / microfibers, composite films and hydrogels from natural polymers, and understanding the relationship between molecular structure and functional properties. The general objective of his work is to explore a systematic approach to develop new applications of natural polymers in functional foods and advanced food packaging.


Doctorate - Polymer Chemistry and Physics - Wuhan University

Bachelor's - Chemistry - Wuhan University