03 November 2020

INAF receives a major grant for the development of its research platforms

Several novelties will be introduced

INAF is proud to announce that it has been granted funding from Quebec's Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation (MEI) for the development of its research platforms. This $600?000 grant spread over three years is intended to support major technological research in strategic and emerging sectors.

INAF will use this funding to add highly qualified personnel to its team for the use of its new world-class infrastructure which includes the following:

  • a metabolomic platform consisting of two high-resolution mass spectrometers;
  • a service dedicated to the treatment of metagenomic data of the intestinal microbiota;
  • a highly sophisticated M-Twin-SHIME model, which will be added to the two existing in vitro digestion models;
  • five fermenters dedicated to colon microbiota simulations;
  • a bioactive compound extraction platform of the pre-pilot scale;
  • new analytical equipment for food compounds and metabolically active compounds;
  • means to update its promotional tools and increase the scope of its actions.

“Science and technology evolve rapidly. They constantly require new highly qualified personnel, especially when it comes to rendering research platforms accessible to researchers and their teams. Our government's assistance will facilitate INAF's work on nutrition and food in Quebec,” says Joëlle Boutin, Member of Parliament for Jean Talon.

"Metabolomics, the study of all the molecules produced by the metabolism of living organisms, is an analytical approach that paves the way to a better understanding of the biology of systems. It can contribute to providing unique and powerful diagnostic tools that will be used to understand the role of nutrition on the modulation of the intestinal microbiota and on the etiology of chronic societal diseases," explains researcher Yves Desjardins, scientific leader of the new metabolomics platform.

“This structuring grant allows to add several analytical services to those already available to INAF's scientists and research partners. With this grant, INAF's research professionals will also benefit from the addition of three new highly qualified resources to the team, hence increasing their global expertise,” said Renée Michaud, General Manager.

About INAF
Leader in sustainable food research in Quebec, INAF is an institute of Université Laval and it is funded by the Fonds de recherche en nature et technologies du Québec. The institute counts close to 100 researchers and over 200 industrial partners of the biofood, nutrition and health sectors.
Hélène Marceau
Communications Officer, INAF
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