07 October 2020

The AQIA receives IAFP Recognition

It receives the prize Best Overall Affiliate Meeting

The Quebec Association for Food Protection (AQIA) work hard to offer a memorable meeting on September 18 and 19, 2019, not only in terms of content, but also to mark the 10th edition of the symposium. This earned it to receive an award from the International Assocation for Food Protection to which it is affiliated.

On the topic of training in food quality and safety, the organizers first invited participants to visit the pilot laboratory in the Paul-Comtois Pavilion. They had the opportunity to taste the products resulting from student committee initiatives such as the Campus Cheese Dairy, the brewing of beer, "BrasSTA", and the breadmaking the "BoULangerie du Comtois".

The conference program brought together representatives from several institutions and training organizations who shared the attributes of their training programs in the area of food quality and safety as well as innovative pedagogical strategies. The power of gaming and the use of media were discussed as well as tools for mobilizing employee engagement in the food processing and distribution sectors. A round table discussion with the academic and industrial communities provided an opportunity to take stock of the impact of training and the match between needs and supply.

Students were invited to present scientific posters of their research projects and were challenged to present their work in 300 seconds. The best performances were awarded several significant scholarships by AQIA. It is also the students and professionals in Professor Julie Jean's laboratory who contributed to highlight the ten years of transfer activities of AQIA. They gathered the themes and programs of the symposia of the last 9 years and organized a photo booth to photograph the participants in a fun way with accessories and clothing representative of the work of food quality and safety professionals.

The IAFP awarded the prize for the Best Overall Annual Meeting of an affiliate not only for the quality of the event, but also for the scholarships to young students and the efforts by the organization throughout the year to recruit members and propose activities such as several company visits.