Founded in 1985, the STELA Dairy Science and Technology Research Centre gathers 18 professors-researchers, over 10 research professionals and postdoctoral students, and more than 70 graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.). It is the most important research team in dairy science and technology in Canada, recognized for it’s expertise in fundamental and applied research.

Part of the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF), the STELA membership comprises researchers involved in disciplines such as food technology and engineering, microbiology, nutrition, economy and medicine. STELA is the heart and soul of dairy research and the top project host and partner for Quebec’s dairy industry. 

The STELA Dairy Research Centre has developed milk and dairy product research since over 30 years. From dairy cow diets to microorganisms in Camembert rind, a multitude of projects are looking into milk’s composition and nutritional value, bioactive components, milk processing, cheese technology and more recently, sustainability.

It assumes a leadership role in the Quebec and Canada dairy industry and is alos recognized at the international scale. Its mission is to:

  • contribute to the advancement of scientific and techological knowledge
  • train graduate students to become high qualified personnel
  • transfer knowledge to the dairy sector