05 April 2016

INAF doctoral student is selected among 12 candidates

01 April 2016

FSAA master’s student places 2nd and receives the Audience Award.

21 March 2016

The student’s thesis is to be presented on the small screen.

18 March 2016

Laurent Dallaire will represent the faculty during Université Laval’s final competition.

11 March 2016

Faculty recognizes the exceptional quality of the doctoral student’s research.

10 March 2016

Scholar’s name will appear alongside others selected by the FSEP for the 2016 Tableau d’honneur.

04 March 2016

FSAA student among those selected by the FSEP for the 2016 Tableau d’honneur

01 December 2015

Researcher’s leadership and involvement in the field of nutrition is recognized.

30 October 2015

Owing to the excellence of his master’s thesis completed under the direction of Mohammed Aider, Alex...

09 September 2015

Master’s student receives a CIHR grant in honour of Nelson Mandela.

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