The controlled atmosphere incubator allows you to manipulate intestinal bacteria in anaerobic conditions

The controlled atmosphere incubator from the company Plas Labs is perfect for incubating a large number of products given its internal volume of 1,157 litres. Our incubator was designed so that two manipulators can work at the same time. The new generation of heating is equipped with a controller for optimizing heat diffusion.


  • Possibility of introducing the desired gas composition in the incubator
  • Adjustable temperature (ambient at 50°C)
  • Four gloves that can be used by two users
  • Possibility of completing sterile work in the incubator

Advantages of using the incubator

  • True count (no oxygen during the count which means that no cells are lost)
  • Fast and easy manipulation
  • Large usable space in the incubator
  • Low-cost compared to using anaerobic jars