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Research at INAF

INAF proposes a multi-disciplinary research program of which the principal aim is the discovery of bioactive compounds and the development of ingredients or foods that bring demonstrable benefits in terms of human health. INAF possesses the scientific expertise and technological capacity to identify and improve foods offering the greatest application potential in the nutraceutical products and functional foods sector, to develop manufacturing processes that are viable on an industrial scale, to validate the biological activity of candidate molecules by in vitro tests and by animal and human studies, to verify their safety and to evaluate the acceptability of these novel products to consumers.

Research themes

Our research aims at the discovery and characterization of new compounds, the development of innovative technologies and the study of the impacts of nutrition on health.

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Interest groups

Our interest groups are transfer units rooted in the industry environment that showcase the many facets of our multidisciplinary research projects on natural resources of major economic significance.

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Research at INAF calls upon more than 40 different scientific disciplines. Find out about our expertise through some research topics.

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