Interest groups

The scientific program encompasses the scientific and transfer-related activities of three additional subsets of researchers whose work focuses on topics of major economic significance due to the importance these industry sectors in Quebec. These groups play a major role in integrated and sector-targeted research within INAF.

Milk & Milk Products

The STELA Research Centre is INAF’s interest group on milk and milk products. It works on expanding the value-chain for milk and its constituents through the development of functional bioingredients for human health.

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Marine products & by-products

The interest group on marine products and by products brings together the expertise of INAF on preclinical and clinical trials with the scientific and technical expertise of marine biotechnology research groups from Eastern Québec.

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Plant products & extracts

The interest group on plant products and extracts combines research efforts devoted to extracting and using compounds from fruits and vegetables, cereal, medicinal plants as well as those from timber and non-timber forest products.

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