The Center

CEPIA provides specialized, multidisciplinary services related to diet and weight. In order to eat right and according to your needs, simply knowing basic nutritional practices isn't always enough. Many factors influence diet, such as:

  • Your preferences 
  • Your appetite
  • Your beliefs 
  • Your Relationship to food
    and your body
  • Your state of health
  • Your personality
  • The amount of stress you're under
  • Social environments 
  • And many more


Our team of professionals will provide you with the support you need to reflect on and react to these factors, based on your eating habits and behaviours.

Based on the most recent scientific advances, we aim to help you make long-term changes for your physical and psychological health.

Our approach focuses on the joy of eating rather than restricting or forbidding certain foods. We help you develop a flexible diet that is respectful of both your body and self.