Science enhancing nutrition

INAF is a research institute dedicated to the study of how foods contribute to health and the prevention of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some illnesses related to aging. Through its various activities, INAF passes on this knowledge to healthcare professionals and the public with the goal of improving the population’s health and well-being.

Would you like to participate in a clinical study on nutrition?

INAF boasts Canada’s largest nutrition clinical studies unit. An average of 400 participants take part in these studies each month. Some of the projects carried out here have become global benchmarks and have contributed to the development of policies and recommendations put forward by the Canadian government and even the World Health Organization.

Do you want to contribute to advancing our knowledge about nutrition? Our clinical studies are supervised by experienced research personnel who oversee the smooth running of the studies and the well-being of participants.

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Need personalized advice about your diet?

Our nutrition and health clinic (Centre d'expertise Poids, Image et Alimentation) offers a range of nutrition advisory services for individuals and businesses. In addition to individual counseling services, the clinic’s dietitians also provide interactive educational workshops, seminars, and small-group interventions. Most insurance companies cover these services.

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Public events

Whether through their participation in media interviews or activities for the general public, INAF researchers and dietitians are actively engaged in knowledge transfer. To stay abreast of what is happening at INAF; check the News & Events section of our website regularly.