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Who we are

INAF has put together the largest team of Canadian researchers dedicated to understanding the complex relationships between foods, food components, nutrition and health, and the role they play in prevention of chronic diseases. INAF puts science at the service of nutrition to fulfill its mission and ensure its actions lead to concrete and durable results that benefit the population’s health and the bio-food sector.

Founded by Université Laval’s food and agriculture faculty (FSAA) in the early 2000s, INAF is a research institute that maintains close ties with the medical and pharmacy faculties.

Its approximately 80 members are respected researchers representing three major areas of research—sciences and engineering, health sciences, and social sciences. Nearly half are from various Université Laval departments. The others are associated with eight other universities and research organizations, affiliated with INAF owing to the extensive overlap of their expertise and work with our research goals.

Over the years INAF has established a coordination and cooperation structure that sets a standard in the world of academic research. This has been possible due in large part to the generous financial and logistical support provided by Université Laval and FSAA since our inception, and a significant grant from Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et Technologies, awarded as part of its strategic clusters program.