INAF is a group of renowned multidisciplinary scientists working together to advance knowledge about human nutrition and its impact on health. The four pillars of our mission are

  • To improve human nutrition through basic, applied and clinical RESEARCH on foods and compounds that promote health
  • To contribute to the TRAINING of highly qualified personnel
  • To ensure the TRANSFER of knowledge and technology
  • To support INNOVATION in the industry and in health approaches

Strategic directions

Already 18 years of existence for INAF to bring together the forces of Quebec, with scientists committed to improving food.

The scientific program of our Strategic Cluster is ambitious and takes into account the current societal challenges associated with sustainable food. It is with great enthusiasm that we present to you a strategic development plan aimed at implementing concrete actions to achieve this. This is the result of extensive consultation and reflection with our members and external collaborators in order to prioritize our actions and identify the first flagship projects that will mobilize our scientists and partners.

Discover our strategic plan of development 2018-2023 (in french only)