07 April 2016

INAF Member Students Spread the Word about Nutrition Month

The outreach activities organized see great success

In March, the Dietitians of Canada organized the 2016 annual Nutrition Month campaign. Six graduate students in the nutrition program (Marie-Ève Caplette, Élise Carbonneau, Audrée-Anne Dumas, Raphaëlle Jacob, Maude Tessier-Grenier and Melissa Fernandez) dedicated themselves to raising awareness about healty eating throughout the month.

They first distributed five emails to INAF members and subscribers with the theme “Make small changes, one meal at a time” containing practical advice and recipe suggestions. The newsletters focused on the following themes and recommendations:

March 1st – Get Ready!
March 7th – Quality Counts!
March 14th – Prioritize Portion Size!
March 21st – Try Something New!
March 28th – Make it Stick!
[in French only]

With the goal of sharing their knowledge with the general public, the students organized a presentation on March 9 revolving around the campaign’s theme. The event was so popular that they organized a second presentation on March 14 with an outstanding 95% participation satisfaction rate for the activities.

To conclude the month, the students organized a participatory cooking event focusing on a pulse-based meal, inspired by the International Year of Pulses as proclaimed by the United Nations. More than 35 INAF members enthusiastically participated in the dinner, which proved to be a great success.

The activities would not have been possible without the volunteers who offered their help (Maude Bradette Laplante, Camille Dugas, Michèle Kearney, Roxanne Mercier, Geneviève Painchaud Guérard, Marion Valle, Jacinthe Thibodeau and Sophie Myrand).

INAF would like to highlight and commend the students’ involvement in efforts to raise awareness about healthy eating. Organizing knowledge transfer activities provides valuable practical experience that will undoubtedly be useful to them in their future careers.