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05 February 2016

A New Tool for Treating Insulin Resistance

The innovative treatment could help people suffering from type-2 diabetes.

For the past several years, INAF’s scientific director, Dr. André Marette (Faculty of Medicine), and his team have been exploring glycemic problems that are at the root of a number of metabolic disorders. He recently took his research to a new level through the publication of a new U.S. patent in collaboration with doctoral student Phillip White. The innovation aims to regulate blood sugar  using a molecule derived from an Omega-3 fatty acid.
The molecule, called protectin DX (PDX), stimulates the production and release of interleukin-6 (IL-6) by muscle cells. The chemical works in two ways: it facilitates the capturing of blood glucose by muscles and it activates a protein that reduces glucose production by the liver.

“What is interesting about PDX is that it acts directly on muscles,” explains Dr. Marette. “It actually reproduces what happens when a person exercises. I should note that it is not a substitute for physical activity because exercise has cardiovascular and hormonal benefits that surpass the metabolic effects on muscles.”

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