10 March 2016

Daniel Tremblay-Marchand Recognized for Outstanding Academic Performance at the Master’s Level

Scholar’s name will appear alongside others selected by the FSEP for the 2016 Tableau d’honneur.

Daniel Tremblay-Marchand, a master’s student in the Department of Food Sciences, has been selected for the 2016’s Honor List by the FSEP (Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies) due to the excellence of his academic record and the exceptional quality of his work.

The jury members awarded him three “excellent” mentions for his thesis. His research, completed under the supervision of Yves Pouliot (FSAA), assesses the impact of different operating conditions on the efficiency of the graded permeability ceramic membrane for the separation of whey proteins in milk through microfiltration.

Congratulations to Daniel on this distinction.