Associate rigorous data to your product

What is a preclinical test?

A preclinical test is completed in a laboratory using models that simulate the human body to varying degrees. This type of test helps to predict the effects that your product may have once it has been administered to an individual. Depending on your needs, a range of possibilities are available to you, including cells from a specific tissue, a digestion simulator and various animal models.

Completed at a fraction of the cost of a clinical study, these tests help you to pinpoint the optimal dose in order to proceed with a study on human participants. You can also identify which of your products has the most potential and can generate data to receive authorizations from government health agencies you will need for a clinical trial.

Our platforms include the following:

In vitro digestion

Helps you find out the impact of digestion and the intestinal microbiota on health ingredients and functional foods.

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Cellular models

Helps you understand your product's mechanism of action on a specific tissue.

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Animal models

Gives you access to cutting-edge expertise to determine the beneficial effects of your product in vivo.
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Who can use these services?

Companies that work in the food or pharmaceuticals sectors (health ingredients, functional foods, etc.) can benefit from this service.

The benefits of doing business with us

Three reasons you can count on INAF:

  • With its state-of-the-art technology and multidisciplinary team, INAF is your partner of choice to obtain a wealth of information supported by rigorous scientific data that will make your product rise above the rest of competition.
  • INAF offers several platforms that give you access to a wide range of complimentary services. Each project is overseen by an INAF researcher who ensures technical excellence and provides strategic and scientific support adapted to your needs.
  • Our status as a research university gives you access to numerous government programs that will allow you to develop collaborations with people in the industry and researchers with the goal of solving problems faced by a specific company.