02 November 2015

INAF Signs On to a Second International Associated Laboratory

Researchers from Université Lille1 and INAF take part

left to right second row : Laurent Bazinet, Pascal Dhulster, Sylvie Turgeon, INAF, Ismaïl Fliss, Djamel Drider. First row : Éric Bauce, executive and development vice-rector, UL, Jean François Pauwels, research vice-president, Université Lille1 et Edwin Bourget, research vice-rector, UL

One year after the signing of the first LIA (Laboratoire International Associé) with the University of Bordeaux and INRA on brain health, INAF and Université Laval have signed a second agreement of the same type, this time with the Charles Viollette Institute (ICV) at Université Lille1. The international structure aims to become a global authority in the field of natural antimicrobial bioproduction. Calling on the complementary expertise of its two teams specializing in the fields of food safety and food quality, the work of the LIA will help to refine innovative methods for the separation of biomolecules with antimicrobial potential and to develop biopreservation strategies for food and new foods.
INAF researchers Laurent Bazinet and Ismaïl Fliss, both professors in the Department of Food Sciences and Agriculture (FSAA), as well as researchers Pascal Dhulster and Djamel Drider from ICV at Université Lille1, are participating in this 2nd international associated laboratory. The two-fold mission of the LIA is to advance student training and complete research projects within the framework of a complementary international partnership.

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