30 January 2013

Frédéric Calon on Québec Science’s 2012 top-discovery list

The work of Professor Frédéric Calon and his team at Centre de recherche du CHUQ appears on the prestigious list of top 10 discoveries in 2012 selected by Québec Science magazine.

The team succeeded in locating the brain region involved in essential tremor, a neurological disorder appearing mainly in people over 40. This breakthrough was published in the journal Brain.  

The members of Professor Calon’s INAF research team are Sarah Paris-Robidas, Élodie Brochu, Marion Sintes, Vincent Émond, Mélanie Bousquet, Milène Vandal, Mireille Pilote , and Cyntia Tremblay—all affiliated with the Université Laval Faculty of Pharmacy—as well as Ali Rajput and Alex Rajput from the University of Saskatchewan.

To read the Québec Science article and vote for the Calon team, click here. (in French)

Several articles (in French) highlight the discovery of Professor Calon’s team:



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