Innovate, improve, and claim your spot among top leaders

FAST INNOVATOR is an advanced development and customized support program for SMEs in the food industry who wish to establish effective and competitive strategies within their organizations. It helps organizations and enterprises to improve their offer of food products and attain superior growth.

In addition to its innovative development approaches, FAST INNOVATOR provides participating companies with privileged access to experts at INAF and its network of innovation collaborators, made up of many local, national and international partners.

A two-pronged approach

  1. Includes an advanced development session and seminars given by renowned experts, as well as case studies of business successes and mistakes in the sector, spanning two and a half days.
  2. A specialized intervention and support program tailored to your open-innovation needs with experts from INAF and its network of innovation collaborators.

Target clientele

  • Directors and managers of SMEs in the food industry


    • To make the company's vision of innovation a reality.
    • To develop innovation projects fostering above-average growth and a unique market position.

    Advantages and benefits for the company

    • Privileged opportunities to meet with internationally-recognized experts
    • Improvements in leadership and the culture of innovation
    • Capacity for innovation (new foods, health ingredients, technologies and food processes)
    • Cultivation of privileged business relationships and opening of emerging markets
    • Networking with renowned experts through innovative projects
    • Company image reflecting unique innovation capacities

      In addition to developing innovation strategies that reconcile public health objectives and consumer expectations, FAST INNOVATOR participants have privileged access to collaborative networks on the local, national and international scale.