A new generation of highly qualified personnel

The scientific and technological challenges related to the development of the food and health sector are characterized by a highly interdisciplinary research and development environment that call upon food and nutrition sciences and technologies, as well as engineering and the medical sciences.

With FAST CAREER, INAF gives students—in addition to its leading-edge research expertise—a comprehensive understanding of the food sector, including issues relating to product development, marketing and regulatory affairs. FAST CAREER provides graduate students with opportunities to enrich their knowledge and acquire the cross-disciplinary professional skills necessary to facilitate their integration into the workforce.

A 5-component program

    1. Interdisciplinary scientific training (science and engineering, health sciences, social sciences)
    2. Participation in an intensive summer school offered every two years
    3. Internship opportunities in national and international research laboratories, ministers (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Health Canada, Institut national de santé publique du Québec) and industry.
    4. Participation in the organization of various activities promoting knowledge transfer and the popularization of science
    5. Participation in an advanced scientific seminar program and technological meetings focusing on industrial issues

    Target clientele

    • 2nd and 3rd-cycle students in the fields of food science and technology, nutrition, engineering, health sciences and the social sciences


      • Better prepare graduate students for the highly interdisciplinary reality of work in the health food and food technologies sector
      • Train the next generation of professionals to make them better equipped and apt to quickly and efficiently integrate themselves into the workforce in their new professional role

      Advantages and benefits

      • Acquisition of transversal skills (communication, entrepreneurship, food innovation, regulatory affairs, etc.)
      • Immersion in an interdisciplinary research environment (science and engineering, health sciences, social sciences)
      • Participation in the FAST Summer School focusing on key topics in the field
      • Increased opportunities for internships and networking with government bodies and the industry
      • Seminars and advanced technological and industrial meetings bolstered by national and international partnerships (INAF networks)
      • Network of contacts and extensive knowledge of each environment (academic, industrial and governmental)

         Graduates trained in the FAST CAREER program are better prepared to face the new industrial reality, readying them to participate actively and effectively more quickly. The program greatly facilitates the integration of these graduates into the workforce in the food, health and technologies sectors.