Workplace services

Clinique Nutrition Santé workplace services encourage employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle, especially good eating habits, both in and outside the workplace. These services focus on two major areas: interventions that target the individual and those that target the environment.

Why should my company offer its employees nutrition services?


To improve employee retention rates

People are increasingly concerned about their health and weight. In a competitive employment market, showing concern for employee health and well-being can be a tremendous asset in attracting and retaining talent, and decreasing turnover.

To improve productivity

Encouraging and promoting a healthy diet makes for healthier employees and cuts medical expenses and the costs associated with absenteeism. In 2005, 57% of Quebecers were overweight or obese. Diet is a key factor in keeping physically healthy and preventing and treating numerous health disorders related to poor diet and excess weight.

To promote well-being and overall health

The clinic adopts a positive, guilt-free, and holistic approach that takes into consideration the many social and psychological factors influencing eating habits. This approach promotes successful, long-lasting behavioral change and as improved psychological well-being.