Innovation support services

Have you been thinking about innovation in the health food sector?
Experiencing particular innovation problems in your company?
Want to develop a report to use in support of health claims?

Our innovation support team works to support and accelerate the innovation process in biofood industry companies looking to develop the nutrition and health sides of their product lines, whether they be emerging companies, SMEs, or large companies.

INAF’s open system approach to innovation fosters quick access to high level expertise through a qualified and experienced team providing thoughtful and dynamic support. Our commitment is to provide businesses with services tailored to their particular needs on a timetable that takes into account their individual realities.

Areas of expertise

  • Food science and technology
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Consumption
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Strategic management
  • Regulatory affairs

What we offer

Innovation and product development

  • Opportunity studies and product positioning
  • Product concept development
  • Improvement of existing products
  • Health food consumption and behavioral studies
  • Innovation strategy (technology and strategic management)
  • Marketing and commercialization support

Nutrition and regulatory affairs

  • Product development regulatory issues (foods, natural health products)
  • Regulatory notices, nutritional and health claims
  • Development of scientific reports in support of new product development (new foods)
  • Development of scientific information for the public

Innovation team

A multidisciplinary group of seasoned academic and industrial professionals, the team includes specialists in food science and technology, nutrition, marketing, and innovation. To supplement the core team additional expertise is drawn from INAF or its vast network, ensuring efficient support tailored to each project’s specific needs.


The team has access to all of INAF’s resources, laboratories, and specialized equipment, as well a focus group room for marketing studies, and consumer perception and behavior studies.

Some completed projects

By choosing INAF’s innovation team to help develop a new line of breads backed by health claims, Boulangerie Saint-Méthode received comprehensive support not only with scientific analyses but with regulation and innovation strategies as well.

These are some of the companies INAF’s innovation team has worked with:

  • General Mills
  • Agropur coopérative
  • Lassonde
  • Vigneault Chocolatier 
  • Groupe Leclerc
  • Novidev
  • Khloros
  • Marché du Vieux Port

and many others