Useful links


Extenso is a site created by Université de Montréal’s Centre Universitaire de Nutrition Préventive NutriUM. Its sections, guides, and tools help consumers make informed choices about food. It also features tests and quizzes (French only).

Dietitians of Canada

The Dietitians of Canada website offers tests to assess your lifestyle and eating habits. It also has tips to help you plan meals, healthy recipes, as well as reliable documentation on nutrition. The site is bilingual.

Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec

On the Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec website, you can get help choosing a nutrition healthcare specialist, read the dietitians’ professional code of ethics, and explore various ways a consumer can seek redress for a perceived wrong (French only).

Food and Nutrition (Health Canada)

The Food and Nutrition section of the Health Canada website has information on food safety and nutrition. Among other topics, it discusses GMOs, food additives, nutrition labeling, and Canada’s Food Guide. The site is bilingual.


The PasseportSanté website provides information on disease prevention and healthy lifestyles. Besides other features, you will find information sheets on diseases and foods, healthy recipes, tests, and interactive quizzes (French only).


Through its tools and publications the ÉquiLibre website encourages the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and the building of a healthy body image. The organization also offers safe weight loss programs (French only).

Heart & Stroke Foundation

In addition to demystifying cardiovascular disease and stroke, the Heart & Stroke Foundation website contains a wealth of advice—in the form of articles, recipes, statistics, etc.—on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The site is bilingual.

Nos petits mangeurs

This website supports a research project whose goal is to improve the food provided in 106 childcare centers throughout Québec. It discusses the eating habits of children, food properties, cooking techniques, and so on. (French only).

Naitre et grandir

The Naitre et grandir website provides parents with a reliable and scientifically-validated source of information to support them in their parenting roles. It contains information on child health and safety for ages 0 to 5 (French only).

Diabetes Québec

The Diabetes Québec website contains a vast array of information on diabetes, including information on health issues, diet, physical activity, research, affiliated associations, education centers, a youth section, materials, and publications. The site is bilingual.

Healthy lifestyles

This site provides information on healthy lifestyles at various life stages (from childhood to old age) and for various settings (childcare centers, schools, workplaces, municipalities, restaurants, etc.)—(French only).

Québec’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux

The website of Québec’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux encourages the adoption of healthy lifestyles. You’ll find advice on what infants, babies, children, pregnant women, and the elderly should be eating. The site is bilingual.

Ma santé au sommet

Ma santé au sommet is a website created by Université de Montréal to promote healthy choices. It includes tools, information, and nutrition quizzes. It also has tips on physical activity and how to establish a balanced lifestyle (French only).

EatRight Ontario

Le service Saine alimentation Ontario contient des articles sur  la nutrition familiale, le poids santé, la nutrition des aînés et la prévention des maladies. Le site est bilingue et offre la possibilité de poser des questions à des diététistes.