Goumet recipes

INAF is proud to have worked in close collaboration with partners of the agri-food industry in the production of the beautiful recipe cards below. Based on scientific data analyzed by our teams, the recipe cards feature the nutritional value of these unique food products, some interesting health facts, useful preparation tips as well as delicious recipes. It’s up to you to try then all. Enjoy!

TERROIR & SAVOIR - The saskatoon berry

Cidrerie et Vergers Pedneault
3384, chemin des Coudriers (Québec) G0A 3J0
Tel. : (418) 438-2365
Available : store location

Download recipe (PDF 224 Ko) [Available in French only]

TERROIR & SAVOIR - Baby tatsoi

Vertigo Gourmet
387, boulevard 138
Saint-Tite-des-Caps (Québec) G0A 4J0
Tel. : 1 (877) 823-9913
Available : IGA, IGA Extra and Jardin Mobile

Download recipe (PDF 236 Ko) [Available in French only]

Discover the unique taste of cold water shrimp

Quebec fish Processors Association
2590, boulevard Laurier, bureau 860
Québec (Québec) G1V 4M6
Tel. : (418) 654-1831

Download recipe (PDF 1 Mo)

TERROIR & SAVOIR - The white asparagus

Ferme Ernest Fiset & Fils inc.
1188, rang Saint-Ange
Tel. : (418) 872-1399
Available : at the farm stand

Download  recipe (PDF, 146 ko) [Available in French only]

TERROIR & SAVOIR - The maroon carrot

Les Fermes Jacques Coulombe et fils ltée
816, chemin Royal
Saint-Laurent, I.O.
Tel. : (418) 829-3784
Available : Sobeys and Jardin Mobile

Download recipe (PDF, 179 ko) [Available in French only]

TERROIR & SAVOIR - The sweet potato

Ferme Onésime Pouliot inc.
513, chemin Royal
Saint-Jean, I.O.
Tel. : (418) 829-2801
Available : IGA

Download recipe (PDF, 157 ko) [Available in French only]

TERROIR & SAVOIR - The blackcurrant

Cass'Îsle D'Orléans
1609, chemin Royal
Saint-Jean, I.O.
Tel. : (418) 829-2614
Available :  at farm

Download recipe (PDF, 156 ko) [Available in French only]


All these recipes are available through collaboration with the ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec and the Centre de formation professionnelle Fierbourg, at Quebec.

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