Why participate in our studies?

A qualified staff

At INAF clinical studies are supervised by an experienced research staff. The teams consist of researchers, physicians, research professionals, dietitians, nurses, and highly skilled technicians. Participants’ safety and their well-being rank foremost among the research team’s concerns.

All INAF clinical studies are approved by Université Laval’s research ethics committee and are conducted in accordance with the strict ethical standards in effect.

A state-of-the-art environment

The INAF’s clinical investigation unit has modern facilities and equipment that allow us to conduct all phases of a clinical research project at one location. There is a kitchen and dining room for onsite preparation and consumption of meals, and a spacious sampling room with comfortable sampling chairs. Some research protocols require participants to spend several hours at the clinical unit. Participants have access to amenities—computers with Internet access, TVs, closed rooms for reading, working, or resting—that make for a more pleasant stay.

Benefits of participating in an INAF clinical study

These are some of the benefits of participating in a clinical nutrition study:

  • A dietary assessment and/or personalized dietary advice from a dietitian
  • Participation in group workshops/personalized meetings led by health professionals
  • Dietary supplements, food, or complete meals provided for free (for some studies only) 
  • A health status assessment and medical checkup provided at the end of the study
  • Financial compensation (for some studies only)
  • A medical referral when appropriate

By participating in a clinical study you will not only enhance your knowledge but also make a significant contribution to advancing human nutrition research.