Institute Council

The Institute Council's mandate includes:

  • ensuring the realization of the mission of the Institute and to support its development, its influence and its impact on society;
  • liaising between the university management and the Institute through the Vice-Rector for Research and Creation;
  • approving the strategic plan, which includes the partnership plan and the financing plan;
  • approving the annual development plan, which includes the budget estimates, and monitor its implementation.


The Institute Council is made up of members appointed by the Executive Committee of Université Laval:

  • Mr Michel Gervais, president of the Institute Council;
  • Mrs Eugénie Brouillet, Vice Rector, Research, Creation and Innovation;
  • Mrs Caroline Sénécal, Deputy Vice Rector, Academic and Student Affairs; 
  • Mr Jean Lefebvre, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy;
  • Mr Jean-Claude Dufour, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science;
  • Mr Julien Poitras, Dean, Faculty of medecine;
  • Mr Carl Viel, President and CEO, Québec International;
  • Mr Don Buckingham, President and CEO, The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI);
  • Mr Émile Levy, member, INAF;
  • Mr Yves Pouliot, member, INAF;
  • Mrs Audrée-Anne Dumas, student, INAF;
  • Mrs Sylvie Turgeon, director, INAF;
  • Mrs Renée Michaud, Executive and development director, INAF.