INAF is a group of renowned multidisciplinary scientists working together to advance knowledge about human nutrition and its impact on health. The four pillars of our mission are

  • To improve human nutrition through basic, applied and clinical RESEARCH on foods and compounds that promote health
  • To contribute to the TRAINING of highly qualified personnel
  • To ensure the TRANSFER of knowledge and technology
  • To support INNOVATION in the industry and in health approaches

Strategic directions

A number of large academic and industrial research centers around the world are dedicated to research on food, nutrition, and health. Over the past ten years, INAF has built itself a solid reputation and become a player on the international stage as a result of its integrated and multidisciplinary approach to research—unique in this field.

INAF’s 2013-2017 development plan will enable us to create a lasting impact in our community and on the public at large. This plan will help us take advantage of new opportunities and maintain the highest standards of excellence.

The thrust of our development over the coming years involves solidifying INAF’s position and enhancing its impact within the food and health sector. To this end we have established the following strategic directions:

  1. Pursuing timely and innovative research
  2. Becoming a magnet for those looking to advance their training
  3. Maximizing our economic and social spinoffs
  4. Strengthening our strategic position both nationally and internationally
  5. Supporting the organization’s growth and development

Read the 2013-2017 Strategic Development Plan